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Why We Left Etsy

Why We Left Etsy

Why We Left Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. It seems like a perfect solution for new and veteran creators alike. It offers a variety of marketing strategies, “free” publicity within its own website, and a trusted name everyone has heard.

Using the Etsy platform was a great start for our business and we had a wonderful experience on the platform. It allowed us a “free” area to post our products and allow us to see if people were interested in what we had to offer. It provided us with a way to showcase our merchandise on a clean, familiar interface. We even gained a few customers through the Etsy website!

Transitioning to our own website has given us significant control over our brand along with various other benefits:

  • A savings of roughly 20% of all profit lost due to Etsy’s fees.
  • Freedom to add/expand/build features that will help our customers save money.
  • Custom website navigation/linking/pages/colors – like this blog for example.
  • More coupons – for you! [TENOFFSOAP saves you 10%!].
  • Extensive security and daily backups.
  • Brand recognition and marketability.
  • More extensive social media integration.
  • Ability to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments.

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What It Means For You

As a customer, you will benefit from a more developed brand. We will be able to transfer some of our savings to you through various coupons and promotions that we are able to run with our exciting new website features. We want to thank all of you for understanding and making the move with us to this new beautiful website where we are able to grow our brand exactly how we want to.

If you have any questions about the move, pricing, or business inquiries visit our About Us page and fill out our contact form. Alternatively, you can Email Us.

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